The air quality in your entire home
Skinnable App
Easily change the branding for OEM partners
3 Sprints
To build a native app for iOS and Android

Building a Generic Solid Foundation

We've built generic components that can be re-used in apps for other Airios products. This lowers their costs and saves them turnaround time on their next projects.

Using Micro Animations to Improve User Experience

By using small visual feedback in the form of micro animations, we guide users through the app. This helps them to experience the product in the best way possible.

Connecting with the Hardware

We connect to the hardware through a secure cloud connection via a REST API. This way the system can be controlled whenever the user is connected to the internet.
" Applyanze creates and develops beautiful apps that add meaningful value to our products. "
Chris van Gils
Product Marketing Manager

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Innovative Solutions

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