Nice to meet you. We are Applyanze.

We are a fast growing mobile app agency of enthusiastic people, highly valuing working on brilliant and user-friendly apps. And we’re a pioneer and market leader in hardware-controlled apps.

Say hello to our team. Without them we would’nt even exist.

Our team gets enthusiastic from creating apps that stand out. We have a lot of expertises at Applyanze, all in-house. Are you ready to kick-off a new project together? We’re looking forward to it.

Meet our creative geeks

We do make user friendly apps, but we can't do it without our team of experts. From designers till developers, we've got you covered.

Pim Nijman

Tech Lead & iOS Developer
New business | Fine taste | Teamplayer

Maartje Smit

Project Manager
Soccer | Good coffee | Nice music taste

Ilya Torop

Android Developer
Material Design | Native apps | Android Studio

Istvan Sipos

iOS Developer
Apple minded | Always happy | Teamplayer

Sergey Bondarenko

React Developer
Web | Likes complex projects

Kevin van Helden

React Dev Intern
Guitar player | Coffee lover | Runner

Sergey Mochulsky

Android Developer
Material Design | Native apps | Android Studio

Jasmin van Emmerloot

Video / Illustration Intern
Music enthusiast | Creative | Food lover

Igor Stajic

React Developer
Web | Likes complex projects

Hugo Melis

New business | Podcasts | Books

Our Promises as Your App Partner


You're not a customer, you're a partner. Let's work together and be better than the sum of our parts.

Innovative Solutions

We can think creatively and out of the box. This makes your product stand out and your customers happy.


We'll make sure your product will be the best of the best. We don't give up until it's perfect.
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